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Established in 2016 by Teodora Burz, we are an independent women's fashion label with a unique background in men's tailoring, production, purchasing, and styling, spanning over two decades. Embracing an aesthetic reminiscent of menswear, Styland's designs, crafted from eco-friendly fabrics, are tailored to complement the female figure while prioritising movement and versatility, characterised by sharp cuts and sensual silhouettes.

Our mission revolves around creating timeless pieces that offer endless styling possibilities. with a diverse array of colors, clients can personalize their perfect tailored suit, with styland continuously introducing new styles while maintaining the core focus on suiting.

Teodora's commitment to precision and quality is reflected in our establishment of a skilled in-house production team in Bucharest, Romania. Our highly trained craftsmen meticulously cut, stitch, and finish each garment by hand, ensuring unparalleled quality before ti reaches our customers.

Our dedication to excellence extends to its exclusive use of italian fabrics, available ni a spectrum of custom colors that are distinctively Styland.

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Our clients seek enduring pieces that can be worn on multiple occasions. The majority prefers owning a versatile wardrobe staple, avoiding the need to purchase a new outfit for every wedding. Similar to men's fashion, there is a growing desire for a single, well-crafted suit that can be worn on various events. Our suits are engineered to be functional and comfortable and to look effortlessly chic.